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Looking for a meaningful career?

When you work at Woodstone, you’re part of a talented collective that helps communities realize legacy projects they’ve been dreaming about for years.

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Work with people who
enjoy working together

Ask anyone at Woodstone: They will tell you that we live our company mission of building people, relationships, and communities every day. That includes respecting and supporting our coworkers along the way.

In keeping with this culture, we have strategically organized Woodstone within three tiers of leadership, all designed to encourage human connection while maintaining pace.

Leaders welcome
at every level

  • Not surprisingly, this team of senior Woodstone executives is responsible for the vision and growth of the company. What is unique is our belief in an approach that’s focused on “walking the four corners” of the company with hands-on, real-time interaction. Our culture is not one of handoffs, bureaucracy, or linear approaches. Instead, our senior management style — beingpresent and leading through mentorship — keeps the momentum rolling in ways that benefit our clients alongside the company.

  • Our director-level leaders certainly possess and exercise their talent management expertise on a daily basis. But you’ll also find them in the trenches with our project teams and clients just as often. As the eyes and ears of Woodstone both internally and externally, they identify thecritical needs that must be elevated and addressed.

  • We are a disciplined group of self-starters, which means we intuitively follow the cues set inside Woodstone and within our client communities. Every day we look for ways to help each other, share with each other, and respectfully challenge each other. As peer-to-peer leaders, itis important we hold each other accountable for the commitments we make. Our side-by-side strength is what allows us to keep pace with even the most aggressive project goals and timelines.