Our Services


At Woodstone, Inc. project planning begins long before a single shovel of dirt gets moved. Our collaborative approach to the pre-construction process allows us to foresee any potential design or schedule issues and stop them in their tracks!

Keys to Success in our Pre-construction:

  • Accurate Cost Estimating.
  • Value Engineering & Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Proactive, Cost Effective Scheduling.
  • Competitive Bidding & Procurement Process.

Construction Management

Our goal is to keep costs down and schedules on time, and collaboration is key! We believe the best way to cultivate collaboration is to get all trades in the room for a pre-installation meeting. These meetings allow us to discuss project goals and objectives in an open forum format to determine the best plan of action based on Owner’s needs and Design Team’s plans.

Keys to Success in our Construction Management:

  • Personalized oversight by Woodstone’s Principals
  • Experienced Senior Project Management Staff
  • In-house Electrical and Mechanical Support


Our collaborative approach allows our Design Team to shine and Owners to be proud of the finished product, while maintaining budget and schedule!