Mohican North Star Casino Resort
Bowler, WI

Woodstone Builders provided pre-construction services to the Owner and provided an initial construction budget of $97 million based on the design. Throughout the pre-construction phase and extending into the start of construction (foundation work & structural procurement), Woodstone was able to provide guidance that resulted in an overall reduction of $13 million in the project’s cost.

This project was started as a full scope but due to financial concerns from the developer was broken into two phases mid-way through the project. Phase II was started 8 months after the completion of Phase I.

Challenges: Winter weather wasn’t the biggest challenge on this project. This project was constructed adjacent to a fully operational casino. Not only was it necessary to separate the construction activities from the existing casino operations, but the most important consideration was keeping the public safe at all times.

Meeting the Challenges: Woodstone’s scheduling and coordination worked well during Phase I, as our team had to fully commission the Phase I portion as an operational facility prior to allowing the public access between the two buildings.

After Phase I was complete, we demolished the original Casino structure, which again required keeping the public safe and unaffected by the construction activities. As Phase II was nearing completion, the same scenario existed as Phase I, when there was a fully operational facility with new construction happening “behind the wall”. The gaming floor is constructed with a plenum to provide a displacement air system.