• Owner - MHA Nation
  • Size – 45,129 SF
  • Delivery Method - CM, Cost of Work with GMP

The LCO Housing Modernization project is an ongoing, multi-phase, single-family home renovation effort for the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe. To address the various issues within the homes, they are demolished down to the studs and foundation. From there, a mold mitigation and removal team come in to disinfect the home and make them safe for habitation. Because removing the mold only solves half of the issue, LCO Housing authority is also taking the time to fix any water or moisture issues the home is facing in order to insure the home will be safe and mold-free into the future.

Once this is accomplished, the house is rebuilt. The tribe elects to use high quality materials that they and their tenants will see a return on its investment in the future. For example, Zip Sheathing, spray foam insulation, and high-quality Marvin windows are installed to ensure a high R-value which makes the homes less expensive to heat. No-maintenance metal roofs are also installed so that LCO Housing can ensure a leak-free roof for 30+ years for its tenants.

Each house also had its own unique hurdles. Everything from structurally weak foundations which are either shored up or demolished down and repaired, to rotted out studs, trusses, and subfloors that are torn out and replaced. Each house presented its own challenge that needed to be dealt with in a timely manner to meet the schedule and the budget.