12 Tribes Resort and Casino
Omak, WA

With a completion date of June 2015, this facility consists of a gaming area of 700 slot machines and twelve gaming tables, a 20 seat Casino bar, 120 seat restaurant, 70 seat Asian Restaurant, 240 seat lounge bar/dance floor, an indoor pool, spa, and sauna, and an 80 room hotel.One of the biggest challenges presented by this project is its remoteness, located 2 hours west of Spokane in the heart of the state of Washington. Resources in this area are scarce, so much of the materials for the project needed to be trucked in from hours away. Knowing that the local subcontracting market would not be sufficient to staff this build, Woodstone planned and budgeted for bringing in companies from around the country to execute the project.

The project was also delayed by massive fires that were spreading across central Washington. The wildfires had burned hundreds of thousands of acres and finally got to within 6 miles of the site. At that point, Woodstone had to make the decision to abandon the site for the safety of its personnel. Thankfully, the fires were halted prior to reaching the site.

Even with the additional costs associated with bringing in non-local subcontractors and delays because of natural disasters, Woodstone Builders delivered this project under budget and on schedule.